Why Are There So Many Superstitious People Nowadays

Have you ever thought of the thing why do people believe in gods, Eastern calendars, horoscopes and all that stuff even now when the humankind has got closer to the answers to the universe riddles. More and more people tend to visit fortune tellers, astrologists and shamans and aim to influence and even change their fates. So why do people still take the superstitious beliefs as a truth and follow the fate signs. Having accumulated and analyzed the disasters and joys the humankind always finds the interdependence of various events even if they are not connected in fact.


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Powerful Webgirls

Today the internet is developing in an extremely rapid pace. But according to the statistics the amount of women who helps to develop it is somewhere about 25 %. The most powerful webgirls are the female path breakers aiming to support and maintain the evolution of the internet.


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