Powerful Webgirls

Today the internet is developing in an extremely rapid pace. But according to the statistics the amount of women who helps to develop it is somewhere about 25 %. The most powerful webgirls are the female path breakers aiming to support and maintain the evolution of the internet.

  • Lea Calver is the head of the Convore service. Convore is the web application which allows to chat with a group of people in the real time mode. This service has received the acknowledgment of many significant internet resources. For example the famous web journal “PC World” called Convore “the future of crowd sourcing”. Though the main Lea’s contribution to the web development is the creation of Twitter prototype called Pownce.
  • Rashmi Sincha is a co-founder and managing director of SlideShare company. SlideShare is a web hosting for slides. Rashmi Sincha was the first person who had the idea to release the slides and presentations into the internet and not to limit them with the frames of Office applications. Thanks to Rashmi everyone can watch the slides via the internet.
  • Marissa Ann Meier is the real queen of Google. She is the vice-president of the section dealing with clients interaction. That was she who suggested the idea of Google home page design which is liked by everyone. Today Marissa is responsible for the development of such services as Gmail, Google Maps, iGoogle, Google Chrome, Google Health and Google News.

  • Arianna Huffington is the editor-in-chief of one of the most popular news blogs in the USA called Huffington Post. Today more than 6 000 bloggers create the content of Huffington Post totally for free. Politics, business, cooking and art are the main categories of Huffington Post. Moreover the website also provides the original texts by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Madonna and Michael Moore.
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