Anorexia and Autism: Interconnection Found

Torso of anorexic young woman

It’s been a long time since anorexia has become the most threatening consequence of a body cult that is being severely propagandized these days. I am a skinny person and totally not one of those fat ladies that write furious posts about the harm of being skinny simply because they can’t lose weight. However, I realize that this is a symptom of our sick society that sets unachievable “beauty” goals that sensitive little girls just can’t hit without starving themselves to death.

I understand when such things happen to teenage girls: their psyche is just too unstable and they want to be appreciated so desperately in this competitive society and they are ready to do anything to meet the requirements. But it always surprises me when adult women go the same way.
Although believed to be 100% psychological, this disorder has some physical premises behind it. It was recently proven that the symptoms of anorexia resemble the symptoms of autism a lot. According to the latest research, many anorexic patients also suffer from some symptoms of autism. Doctors say that these two diseases probably have the same roots.
Particularly, both groups of patients suffer from the following symptoms:
– passion for systemizing and order (including diet, weight, and body size);
– problems with intercommunication and social integration;
– compassion issues;
– weird interests;
– repetitive actions;
– anxiety.
Besides, both anorexic and autistic people have the same brain dysfunction connected with social perception.
Thus, what we believe to be 100% acquired probably runs in one’s blood since the very first breath. So, watch your children! Notice any behavior changes and abnormalities and take an action before they start googling something like this :

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