Anorexia and Autism: Interconnection Found

Torso of anorexic young woman

It’s been a long time since anorexia has become the most threatening consequence of a body cult that is being severely propagandized these days. I am a skinny person and totally not one of those fat ladies that write furious posts about the harm of being skinny simply because they can’t lose weight. However, I realize that this is a symptom of our sick society that sets unachievable “beauty” goals that sensitive little girls just can’t hit without starving themselves to death.

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Why Are There So Many Superstitious People Nowadays

Have you ever thought of the thing why do people believe in gods, Eastern calendars, horoscopes and all that stuff even now when the humankind has got closer to the answers to the universe riddles. More and more people tend to visit fortune tellers, astrologists and shamans and aim to influence and even change their fates. So why do people still take the superstitious beliefs as a truth and follow the fate signs. Having accumulated and analyzed the disasters and joys the humankind always finds the interdependence of various events even if they are not connected in fact.


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Animal Testing: Silent Sufferers

In the second century B. C. The ancient Roman doctor Claudius Galenus cut the central nerves of the pig in order to make clear how does the brain work. Since that moment the era of vivisection has started. Vivisection is the medical term of the Latin origin denoting “cutting the alive”.

Each year more that 150 millions of animals die during the experiments and tests. 30 % of all the tests are connected with the cosmetics and household chemical substances which are to be proven to present no danger to the human beings. Every day more than 500 big animals, such as monkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits die as the result of this endless testing. But if we take into consideration the small creatures such as rats, mice and hamsters the whole amount of the killed animal will go up more than hundreds of times. The animals are being burnt, they are subjected to electrical shock, their bones are being broken, they are contaminated with HIV, pox and lepra.


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New talk shows.

This fall you’ve got a chance to watch new interesting talk shows. Katie Couric, Jeff Probst, Ricki Lake and Steve Harvey are going to launch new daytime talk shows you should pay attention to.

Katie Couric’s talk show is Katie and it would be some kind of observation of the most important issues of today. “It might be a profile of a navy seal after Osama Bin Laden has been killed; it might talk about women in the military and some of the stresses they experience in reentry with their families”. So in fact she is going to touch on the themes that seem to be significant and really important for many of us.


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