Why Are There So Many Superstitious People Nowadays

Have you ever thought of the thing why do people believe in gods, Eastern calendars, horoscopes and all that stuff even now when the humankind has got closer to the answers to the universe riddles. More and more people tend to visit fortune tellers, astrologists and shamans and aim to influence and even change their fates. So why do people still take the superstitious beliefs as a truth and follow the fate signs. Having accumulated and analyzed the disasters and joys the humankind always finds the interdependence of various events even if they are not connected in fact.

If a disaster happened the ancient people were trying to recollect what events had preceded that. Every human being tries to explain the reason for this or that phenomenon as our mind can’t stand emptiness. If a person lack knowledge or experience his imagination starts working and invents the new fate signs and tokens. Later the people would consciously aim to find the connection between these tokens and current events. The blind following the superstitious beliefs has attracted the attention of the scientists from Harvard University. They have carried out the research and the results of it say that omen believing is the adaptation behavior of almost all the people who try to find the proper explanation for the complicated and frightening phenomena for themselves. The psychologists and sociologists from the London University have introduced the questionnaire that covered various layers of the society. The results appeared to be quite surprising. The superstitious people turned out to live longer. The people who were older than 90 admitted that they follow fate signs and take omens into consideration. The psychologists suppose that this way of thinking makes the person act more carefully as the fate signs usually work as a stop signal. The superstitious person is commonly ready to face the misfortune and prepares himself to resist the unpleasant life factors. He also is more resistant to distress as anticipation of it weakens the sudden life strike.

As soon as the society faces some unfavorable period of economic and cultural decrease there appear a vast number of doubtful “professional” healers, gurus and fortune tellers. The numerous “wizards” offer their services and promise to attract luck and happiness. That happens because the people return to their roots during such periods and try to find hope anywhere. The go-ahead ones use this situation to get more profit.

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