“Spore” – Become a Creator of Evolution

The times when everybody was obsessed with “Sims” and enjoyed being the masters of virtual characters’ fates have come and passed, but the desire to play some game of this type has remained. To satisfy it, the Maxis Company has released “Spore” in 2008 – a game, which can be best described as a simulator of evolution.

“Spore” is, in fact, the simplest and the most understandable explanation of evolution you have ever learned. In this game the evolution is divided into five stages – cell, living being, tribe, civilization and space. Every stage presents a kind of attraction with its own simple rules. The easiest part is to grow a cell as it should be just fed with genetic material and observe the life of other creatures. Every portion of genes allows the cell to grow new limbs or means of protection – poison, spikes, and other surprises. When the cell leaves water environment, simple action appears as now you can eat or attract different ridiculous creatures inhabiting the land.

You can define the image of the creature you are growing and make it look whatever you like – just do not forget to equip it with considerable number of jaws and spikes as your main task on the firsts two stages is survival.

On the “Tribe” stage your creature stops transforming and the game turns into traditional strategy. You control several settlers which should hunt and conquer the neighbors. The approach of civilization does not change the process of the game essentially. The only difference is that now you have marine and air technology at your disposal to occupy the dominating position in the world. To be honest with you, I find this stage of the game boring, but it should be undertaken in order to proceed to the most interesting part of “Spore” – the space. The only entertainment on the stage of civilization is wondering monsters which are aggressive and cruel to all civilizations and which constantly interfere with your plans.

When you unite all nations I n one civilization you can go into space on your space ship. There you will fight numerous flying objects, observe the life on other planets and influence it. You will have plenty things to do – explore new worlds, trade and conduct negotiations. Besides, another advantage f this stage is that there will appear a plot. When you observe the evolution on some other planet which has hardly reached the stage of tribes and axes you will proud for the immense work you have performed. I think that the developers of the game have coped with the task to show the magnificence of the process of evolution to the audience or, at least, I believe that it was their task.

If you still hesitate whether you should spend your time on this game, you should take into account wonderful graphics, bright colors and funny animation of the game. “Spore” is an amazing opportunity to create the whole world from the beginning and to the climax of its development.

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