Education for Business Development

To get promotion or make your own business a success we often need some additional knowledge which is not provided in schools or universities. However, while thinking of what kind of education I may actually need for my future career I have faced the problem of diversity of offers in this sphere. It is often hard to define what extra knowledge you may need, especially if you have not decided with your career plans yet. So, I have made a list of the most useful courses which you will need no matter what your sphere of business is.


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Starting a business in Sweden

It is said that to start a business in Sweden is quite easy. Well, let’s try to sort out if it is so and what you need to start your own business over there.

Before starting a business you should do proper research. I do recommend you to visit the following websites to get further information:,,,,,,


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Leaders vs. Bosses

Billions of small, medium, and big companies all over the world differ in minor detail – they are run either by leaders or bosses. And this simple difference defines all the rest features – free coffee, flexible schedule and gatherings in the office kitchen, or additional reports on the results of every working day and formal relations.

Bosses demand the performance of duties, first of all. Discipline, instructions, precise recording of working hours are characteristic features of their management. This scheme works if there is well developed system with reasonable planning, structural approach and the way of development established in advance with a good analyst as the head of the business. Such company will suit people of uncreative professions such as logisticians, lawyers, auditors and so on.


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The Worst Jobs

You are sick and tired of your job? You think you won’t make it to the end of the week? Let me tell you something: there are jobs that are much worse than yours. So relax and don’t worry

1.Animal Masturbator.

Yes, that’s a real job – researchers that need animal sperm to study fertility. Of course there are other ways, but this one seems to be the easiest one and the safest for an animal.

2.Monkey Chaser In A Safari Zoo.


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