“Spore” – Become a Creator of Evolution

The times when everybody was obsessed with “Sims” and enjoyed being the masters of virtual characters’ fates have come and passed, but the desire to play some game of this type has remained. To satisfy it, the Maxis Company has released “Spore” in 2008 – a game, which can be best described as a simulator of evolution.

“Spore” is, in fact, the simplest and the most understandable explanation of evolution you have ever learned. In this game the evolution is divided into five stages – cell, living being, tribe, civilization and space. Every stage presents a kind of attraction with its own simple rules. The easiest part is to grow a cell as it should be just fed with genetic material and observe the life of other creatures. Every portion of genes allows the cell to grow new limbs or means of protection – poison, spikes, and other surprises. When the cell leaves water environment, simple action appears as now you can eat or attract different ridiculous creatures inhabiting the land.



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