Gaming without Limits

Every game has its own rules which a gamer should obey if he wants to complete the mission. However, linear patterns and the necessity to follow a certain set of instructions always made me bored. I think that games should be used to escape from the reality with its severe laws rather than to accept some new restricted environment. That’s why I love open world games with their non-linear structure so much.

It is such a great fun to explore the world of the game, go wherever you like and do whatever you want. If you are new to this practice I recommend beginning with “Red Dead Redemption”. You will be provided with a horse and with freedom to explore endless fields inhabited by cowboys and Indians. Sometimes you are riding your horse just for sake of travel itself as you are not always bound to perform some mission and can spend your time on admiring picturesque virtual landscapes.

“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” also provides you with a precious opportunity to choose. The game has its own plot, of course, but much depends on your decisions as they can lead to unexpected twists of the story. Besides, the world of Skyrim is really fascinating. You have your tasks to be occupied with something, but if you are not in the fighting mood, you can just visit different places and meet interesting characters. Well developed graphics only adds pleasure to your wondering around the world which takes in the shape you have created yourself.

”Grand Theft Auto” franchise presents another type of the gaming universe you will find impossible to resist. The world created by the developers of the game resembles reality much. You can perform any usual activities, such as shopping, playing bowling, communicating to your friends in some pub. Of course, the main feature of the game is the opportunity to drive different kinds of transportation, public transport included. No speed restrictions, roads in perfect state, freedom to drive wherever you like – all these factors will make any driver to live in this gaming reality forever. The whole world of “Grand Theft Auto” seems to be a better version of the place we live in.

Open world games are the best choice for those whose priority is freedom. There is no set pattern of completing these games. You choose your way yourself and watch to what results you will come in the end. It is pretty much like our real life, as I think.

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