Starting a business in Sweden

It is said that to start a business in Sweden is quite easy. Well, let’s try to sort out if it is so and what you need to start your own business over there.

Before starting a business you should do proper research. I do recommend you to visit the following websites to get further information:,,,,,,

You should take into account that starting a business in Sweden you do not need a work permit. But they require a residence permit. But if you are from Denmark, Finland, Norway or Iceland then you do not need it. In Sweden some business types require a permission. You should also remember about it.

You should learn the law system of the country. It would help you to avoid some unpleasant situations. You should take into account that it could differ extremely from your country system.

The next step is to register your business. Everything should be legal. It also concerns the staff. You never know what to expect staying over there. Avoid silly mistakes.

It is strongly recommend to make a business plan. Spontaneity would ruin your enterprise. You should pay attention to details. Learn the field aspects. It would be different in comparison with your country. For example, you have to pay at least 30% tax income and other taxes as well. So it turns out that to start a business in Sweden is quite easy. But it is a pricey deal. Take it into account especially if you apply for a loan for your enterprise.

Promote your business online. It doesn’t mean you need to launch your own website. Of course you can if you have a chance. But social networks supposedly are enough at the beginning. It would be the easiest way to advertise your enterprise. But it takes pretty much time as well.

Good luck!

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