The Attacker of the Officila Cortege of German Chancellor Has Been Prosecuted Before

As the Service of Security and Information of Moldova reports the citizen who threw a burning object to the car cortege where Angela Merkel was traveling is not proved to be a terrorist. This young man has been prosecuted earlier but doesn’t have anything to do with the terrorist organizations or any other anticonstitutional communities as reported by RIA news agency. The service of Security and Information of Moldova has taken all the required measures.

On the 22nd of August 2012 around 9 p. m. the 23-year-old man threw the burning object to one of the cars of the cortege passing by along the main highway in Chisinau. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in one of the cars. Nobody was injured. The police officers have immediately arrested the abuser.

The young man who caused such an uproar haven’t ever became of any interest for the state security services. Nevertheless it is known that he has been arrested before. The matter of the previous prosecution doesn’t refer to the sphere of the media agencies competence.

Meanwhile, according to the report of the Chisinau sector Riscani prosecutor Igor Popa, “the man who has attacked the official cortege of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel considers himself to be totally innocent.” He also added that during the time of the offense the abuser was “probably under the influence of drugs.”

The official prosecutor Igor Popa has added as well that the attacker was walking next to the location of the cortege arrival since morning. Perhaps we was attempting to merge with the crowd. All these facts may give a clue that the young man was intending to create an uproar deliberately and had prepared the wildfire beforehand.

The results of the law procedures will be revealed for the wide audience right after the hearing.

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