The Worst Jobs

You are sick and tired of your job? You think you won’t make it to the end of the week? Let me tell you something: there are jobs that are much worse than yours. So relax and don’t worry

1.Animal Masturbator.

Yes, that’s a real job – researchers that need animal sperm to study fertility. Of course there are other ways, but this one seems to be the easiest one and the safest for an animal.

2.Monkey Chaser In A Safari Zoo.

Workers of a zoo need to drive from one reserve to another, while they do that, monkeys jump on their cars and enjoy the ride for a while. But when a worker needs to leave the reserve, there is a monkey chaser near the exit, who prevents monkeys from getting away on the top of a car.

3.Grave digger.

I think it says for itself. It is pretty hard to call this job fulfilling huh?


It is probably the creepiest job from this list. Cremator is the only person who can burn a dead body and not go to jail for that!

5.Embalmer. Well, maybe I was wrong: this one is the creepiest. Preserving dead bodies or PARTS of bodies doesn’t sound like it is a piece of cake.

6.Stable Cleaner.

Not only this job is absolutely disgusting because you have to work with animal poop all day long, but it is very ill-paid.

7.Portable Toilet Cleaner.

We all remember the smell of a portable toilet is ‘magical’, what is it like, cleaning it?

8.Roadkill Remover.

There people have to remove corpses of animals hit by the cars from the roads. Even if the traffic is heavy, their work doesn’t stop.

9.Sewers cleaner.

This one can probably compete with a portable toilet cleaner’s job. Not only it’s smelly and icky, it is dark in there.

10.Restroom attendant.

Not only this hard is far from being pleasant, it is full of amusing and uncomfortable situations and awkward eye-contacts.


This job is actually sad. A person who dives into the ocean sees with their own eyes how bad and harmful the consequences of the water pollution are.

12. Medical Examiner / autopsist.

I can’t imagine how hard it is to spend so much time where they do and doing that they do. It is similar to the job of a surgeon, but the patients are kind of colder.

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